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Download the partner mobile app with each of the sites so you can easily access your account from anywhere with an internet connection. In our recent study on the best cities for singles , Albuquerque was the only city from New Mexico to make the list. Ranking 37th, the city just barely snuck into the top 40 cities. While the city ranked low for the amenities category, a lower cost of dating and an above-average dating pool helped to propel the city up in the rankings. Source s : Census. Picking out the right dating site for you starts with understanding the culture and the makeup of the singles population in New Mexico.

Thankfully, our team of researchers knows more about the state than just what you can see from a hot air balloon. Yeah, I know about the message glut women receive. Which is why I try to take the time to write something real. So true so true. I am not willing to settle for that yet but give me 5 years of being single and hitting my 30s and I bet my mind changes.

This x I'm starting to learn it's not all bad thou.

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Your username is suspended for violating our terms, please enter a new username LogIn. Love hunting, fishing, gardening and being outdoors. They know what they're doing, and they do everything for you. What do you enjoy in people? You can easily find singles near you in New Mexico by searching for singles in your city or even outside your city. It came in at number one in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland. While the city ranked low for the amenities category, a lower cost of dating and an above-average dating pool helped to propel the city up in the rankings.

They get you don't want to hang out with their kid. I think a lot of it has to do with the culture of NM in general. Very Hispanic and as a Hispanic it is customary for people to have kids young and be married young which of course doesn't always go well. Although could be different depending on which area you are in.

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Albuquerque does not fluoridate its drinking water. In May, the water authority voted to begin adding flouride.

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It was in a last minute amendment without public notice. There is a public meeting on the 21st on the issue. I can't speak to whether there is fluoride in the water or not. However, I'd say you're the gullible one, with your pseudo science view on fluoride. Oh, you're even worse than I thought. Let me ask you a question to guage just how far gone you are. What do you believe fluoride in a water supply does? I've been single for a few years, tried a few dating sites but havent really gone on any dates.

I dont like to talk to people and dont really have a social circle. Dating is hard for an introvert that basically works and goes to the gym. It seems like everyone that I have tried to talk to wants to just jump into a relationship right away since after a few days of going back and forth they quite talking to me because they've started a new relationship or maybe I am boring.

I'm an introvert too man but I just push myself to get out. Sometimes my friends have to essentially drag me out. But it's like my friend said.

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You don't regret going out, you regret staying in. I never regret staying in, I have on many occasions regretted going out. Im probably doing it wrong. I can't really give much advice as a female. Bumble would probably be your best bet as the female has to initiate conversation first and that way you're not sending out a ton of messages with no replies.

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I did online dating very seriously 3 years ago. Like all places a good profile and pictures are key. Theres a subreddit i use be on about online dating and there where tons of good articles about profile pictures and profile writing. The sub even reviewed pictures and profiles to help people. Also make sure every message you send is a real custom message.

As an engineer i decided to do data analysis on my 2 years of online dating for okcupid and match. I found on average for every 30 messages sent i would get 1 reply. For every 4 people that replied 1 would lead to meeting in person and half in of the person meets lead to atleast a 2nd date. From reading articles and comments on online dating subs i found my success rate to be above average for a typical looking white male in his mid 20s. I contribute that to my study of what makes good profile info, pictures and messages.

Or it could be that people are more receptive to online dating in abq. But it gives you a feel to the level of effort involved a lot for success. Compared to online dating in Massachusetts where i previously lived the pool is far more shallow and there is a low turnover rate. Over the 2 years i took several 1or 2 month breaks due to dating somone or just stepping away for a bit.

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I often found when i returned many of the same people where still on the sites. The stereotype about single moms is absolutely true. There are far more here than MA. As someone that does not want to deal with kids it drastically reduced an already small pool. Also, watch out for baby crazies. I ran in to one that on the 2nd date starting telling me how many kids she wanted and their names and how she wanted to be a stay at home mom. The average household income in abq is 40k.

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If you work a job that pays above that you have a pretty good step up. Its easy to be "rich" in abq due to the low income levels here. Middleclass in any other town is upper class in abq. Don't shy away from mentioning you own a house, car, or what your job is. They count for a lot here. Just don't come off as a twit about it. I find most girls here also tend to have a lower education level and have fewer career aspirations. To not come off as sexist, this may be true for much of the populous male or female as it would explain the low income levels, but i don't know.

For sites that are best, okcupid has a better reply rate, but match. Okcupid being free had more profiles but it also meant they where often times less serious about it. It's best to diversify to broaden your exposure, signed up for several sites. Moral of the story is if you are looking for a successful, career focused women with no kids, it will be very difficult and probably take a fair bit of time.

But, it can be done.

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It took me 2 years untill i found one and we have been together for 3 years with no end in sight. Bravo sir. That's what the kinda of info that tickles my fancy as I work in the data field. Do you remember what the subreddit was called?

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